Item Personalization

Item Personalization

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*** This is a hidden product used by Product Personalizer. You can modify everything except Price and Product availability . Use app settings to change the Price. More details :
  • Size: Choose from 8 versatile widths! 10in (25cm), 20in (50cm), 30in (75cm), 40in (100cm), 50in (125cm), 60in (150cm), 80in (200cm), 100in (250cm)
  • Color: Cold White, White, Warm White, Pink, Light Pink, Green, Light Green, Blue, Light Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange;
    W-Pink, W-Light Pink, W-Green, W-Light Green, W-Blue, W-Light Blue, W-Red, W-Purple, W-Yellow, W-Orange.
  • Font: Over 45 different fonts, from simple to more complex options. Choose the perfect font for the vibe you're trying to set.
  • Location: Want to add a neon vibe to your outdoor space? We can even make it waterproof!
  • LED flex strip size: (W:6mm × H:12mm), (W:8mm × H:15mm), (W:10mm × H:20mm).
  • LED flex strip jacket: White jacket (Turn off display White), Colored jacket (Turn off display colored).
  • Backing color: Clear, white, black, red, pink, yellow, blue ,green.
  • Powe Plug: US / EU / UK / AU Plug, Standard 230v or 110v LED power adapter. Approx. 2m long ( from transformer).
  • Transparent cable: Approx. 2m long (from LED sign).
  • Warranty: 1 Years.

Cusotm neon sign color


Cusotm neon sign size

Cusotm neon sign size

Cusotm neon sign backing shape

Cusotm neon sign backing shape


Cusotm neon sign backing color

Cusotm neon sign backing color

Cusotm neon sign accessories

Cusotm neon sign accessories

Cusotm neon sign packaging

Custom neon sign packaging

Standard Single Color Neon Sign

RGB Multi Color Neon Sign

Full Color Neon Sign

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Arrive 2-3 weeks after paymen (Free)

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United States: 3-7 working days
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Europe: 3-10 working days
Rest of the world: 3-12 working days

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All orders are shipped by Express UPS,FEDEX or DHL.

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